About Shifuku

Shifuku is a pouch for storing utensils.

It is used to hold tea ware, sake vessels, writing utensils, and all sorts of other items.

“Shifuku sample book" is a collection of handmade silk threads and old textiles selected with a modern sensibility.

Each piece is made by a dedicated craftsman who begins with the creation of the pattern.

Shifuku Sample Book

We can make a Shifuku for any of the items listed in our store or your own items.

Please choose the fabric from the sample below.


表:茜地唐花文鬼手更紗 インド 18C
裏:平絹 日本 大正~昭和海気(絹)
緒:絹糸 現代 納戸色




表:縞木綿 地域不詳 19C
裏:平絹 日本 大正~昭和
緒:絹糸 現代 紺色




表:紅唐桟(木綿) インド 18-19世紀
裏:海気(絹) 日本 幕末-明治 または 墨染松竹梅図(絹) 日本
緒:絹糸 現代 金茶色



Embroidered silk with gold and silver thread

表:金銀糸刺繍絹 バリ 19世紀
裏:平絹 日本 幕末-明治
緒:絹糸 現代 白茶色


Order Form

The price of the order is determined by the price of the fabric and the tailoring fee (JPY30,000).

Please enter the following in the “Message" field

1. your request for fabric

2. the name of the item

3. the body circumference and height (largest part) of the item you wish to have made. 

4. How to bring in your order (in store or by mail)

We can also make a tailoring with fabrics other than the ones listed on this page or with fabrics you bring in. Please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to have a piece made for one of the items listed in the store, please submit your request using the order form after payment is made.

If you bring your own items, please also book the date and time of your visit to the gallery.