Encouragement of Shifuku ; How to enjoy antique objects and fabrics |2/2-2/10

Otsuka Fine Art is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition titled "Encouragement of Shifuku ;How to enjoy antique objects and fabrics” from February 2nd.

This will be an exhibition and sales event in collaboration with stores and web stores.
Please take a look at our Instagram, where we are introducing the works that will be exhibited at this exhibition.


A pouch to wrap and protect important objects. 

Any cloth would have been fine if it only served the purpose. However, the attachment to the beauty of the wrapped object also gave rise to the dignified form of the bag, called “shifuku". 

Shifuku, which consists of an assortment of outer fabric, inner fabric, and strap, is made through a number of handmade processes, starting with the selection of the main outer fabric, followed by the selection of the lining fabric, pattern making to match the item, sewing, and braided cord making. 

Nowadays, the unconventional and free combination of fabrics can be used for a wide range of items such as tea utensils, sake cups, stationery, metal works, etc., and it has become one of the most enjoyable ways to appreciate antiques and crafts. 

In this exhibition, we will display our collection of antique objects and tools, as well as custom-made shifuku for these objects. We hope you will enjoy the world of shifuku, which deepen the charm of objects depending on how they are coordinated. 

During the exhibition, we will also be accepting orders for shifuku, so please bring your favorite objects to the show.


[2024 Winter Exhibition]

Encouragement of Shifuku ; How to enjoy antique objects and fabrics 
2024.2.2 Fri.−2.10 Sat.
Closed on Sunday 

✳︎Sales at the web store start from 11:30 on the February 2nd.

仕覆のすすめ −骨董と裂の愉しみ方−展|2/2−2/10