Web Exhibition[Summer special feature : HARUMI BACCARAT]7/25〜

OTSUKA FINE ART web store will hold a special feature on “HARUMI BACCARAT" from July 25.

Harumi Baccarat is a standard item for summer Kaiseki utensils.

Although it was originally created as a tea ceremony utensil, today its enjoyment is not limited to the tea ceremony.

Among antique lovers, Harumi Baccarat has become an essential part of daily life as a sake cup for enjoying beer and sake, as well as a vessel for enjoying both ordinary and special occasions.

In this special feature, we introduce kaiseki utensils and sakéware, including iconic pieces by Harumi Baccarat, as well as tableware that can be used on a daily basis.

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Web Exhibition[夏の古器:春海バカラ]7/25〜