Black glazed sake bottle


Black glazed sake bottle
Black glazed sake bottle
Black glazed sake bottle
Black glazed sake bottle
Black glazed sake bottle
Black glazed sake bottle
Black glazed sake bottle
  • Region/Era Joseon Dynasty 15th-16th century
  • Size H15.0 x W10.2 x D10.2 cm
  • Condition 2 silver repairs on the rim
  • Accessory Shifuku, Wood box
  • No. 41nk-017

Black glazed pottery was produced only for a short period of time during the early Joseon Dynasty.

In Japan, it is called “Kuro-korai" (black Koryo) and has been cherished.

The thick iron glaze on this bottle gives it a jet-black color.

The mottled iron spots in some places, which are characteristic of “Kurokorai", give the bottle an atmospheric appearance.

The jet-black color is produced by applying an iron-rich glaze over the entire surface of the piece, and is unique to black glazed joseon pottery.

The form and presence of the object emerge through the simplicity of the piece, which is so blunt that it eschews the decorative elements, such as painting and patterns, and invites the viewer's eye to enter a deeper, more fundamental realm.

Although Black glazed joseon pottery is well known as a genre of antique world, it is still shrouded in mystery, with little research and investigation into its actual state.

Since many ceramic shards have been found in the kilns of Punchong ware, it is believed to have been produced together with Punchong ware during the same period.

Furthermore, since these vessels were originally made as general vessels, only a few of them have the attractive gloss that is typical of the black glazed joseon pottery. 

Tsuguo Ando, a haiku poet known for his eccentricity, introduced a very similar piece in his book "Kotto Ruten" (Antique Metamorphosis).

"Kotto Ruten -An Essay on Antique Art-" Written by Tsugio Ando, ​​Sojusha Bijutsu Shuppan, 1981


The capacity is approximately 400 ml.

There are two silver repairs (2cm / 1cm) on the mouth rim.

The cover is made of Indonesian striped cotton.
The stripes of various colors with different thicknesses are fancy.



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